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The agency is a pleasure to work with and responded quickly to all my inquiries. Samara, thank you for a very nice afternoon. I will see you again soon!! Roberto; GolfNFool


First time using this agency. While Laura didn't have any TER reviews, some of the other girls working here had enough positive reviews for me to take a chance on her. Excellent communication from the agency in arranging the appointment, including an email 2 hours before the appointment to give me the cab number that Laura would be in when picking me up after I crossed the border. Another nice touch was receiving an email a few hours after the appointment asking how Laura was and if I had any suggestions for improvements! With that level of attention, I'll certainly use this agency again. I arrived at the pick-up spot about 5 minutes early; the cab and Laura were already waiting for me (very different than most girls in TJ, who usually arrive late). Got in the back seat and was greeted with a warm smile by Laura. She has a GND cute face, was wearing short-shorts that showed off her legs and a top that gave me a tantalizing peek at the top of her breasts. We quickly established we wouldn't be able to talk much since she doesn't know any English (which I knew beforehand from her ad), so we rode in comfortable silence holding hands and sharing glances and smiles. Arrived at the short-term hotel I've used many times and proceeded to have an enjoyable two hours. She's not one to take the initiative but willingly goes for anything you ask. I'm glad I chose to see Laura.


So first time going to Tj but was a great overall experience with the agency H&SL.


I finally figured out how to call into Mexico and I set up a date at h&sl as they speak fairly good English and they "Try Harder". Through out the entire session they contacted the hotel to make sure everything was going right. Rebecca was my first choice as I wanted a Morena girl with that beautiful coffee colored skin and a great Latin ass. Easy set up and they droveme from the border meeting at MacDonald's. During the ride Rebecca was all smiles and hand over hand as I practiced my Spanglish with a few mixed kisses.


The e-mail setup was easy, arrival prompt, but I was totally unprepared for the bombshell who walked up the stairs. Zara came modestly dressed in jeans, boots, and a lace-trimmed black blouse. Her big, liquid brown eyes held mine as she walked past me, turning to make introductions. Her porcelain skin was framed by silky, jet black hair, and her full lips glistened with a subtle gloss. She is a head-turner just walking down the street, but it sure gets better. She offered a polite kiss that was soft and sweet, but quickly turned hungry. Someone this amazing simply cannot last.


Barbara was very nice !   I was  pleased with our time together. I'll definitely use your service again.

Pete from California

I have used this agency several times and I a very pleased. I am now a regular with them. The girls are attractive and they all provide gfe experience. The agency staff speaks good English so communication is not a problem. I rate their service 5 star.  

Al from San Diego

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